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Terms & Conditions

Your scene order is put on DVD .When you have placed your order please email us the format you want.
The billing address and the shipping address for your order has to be the same, if not your order will not be processed.
You cannot use your credit card for orders greater than $500 USD.For orders greater than $500 USD you will have to wire us the funds.
We do not offer delivery of your order via download.
Once you have filled in the contract form, signed and emailed it to us we will sign it and email it back to you with copy of the models, IDs and model release. We will reserve the right to remove any contact, "Next of Kin" address, etc. details from the documents.
You must be over the age of 18 years to place a order on this site.
We do not share any information you provide us with any other parties.
The prices and polices are subject to change without any notice.
What is allowed?
To offer for sale, sell or simply display the "videos" or "Photos" to Consumers only, on a total of 10 websites or websites designed for access via a mobile phone or handheld communication device owned and opearted by your company or to reproduce in DVD format and sell to consumers .
To be able to resize edit, .retouching to cover sexually sensitive material in "public" adding your URL to "videos" or "Photos”.
What is not allowed ?
To resell, rent, lease, transfer, redistribute or reticence the “videos" or "Photos” to other webmasters or paysite owners.
To distribute “videos" or "Photos" to mobile phone carriers.To publish or reveal the models real name,.
You cannot sell or distribute the "videos" or "Photos" for Viewing or publishing via a diskette, CD Rom, USB, paper printing.