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Create your own Adult DVD line

How to create your own adult DVD line?
1-Decide on a title and brand. eg; " Title Blow me please !". and the brand name would be "Xcane".
2-Order a minimum of 6 scenes from this site which would give you a DVD compilation of 2 hrs.
3-Call us Toll free 1-800-267-6472 (U.S.A or Canada) 1-514-954-9782 International or email us the Title and Brand name you have chosen and any other information you want to go on the DVD.
4-We will then send you within 5 business days a DVD master which you can go and take to your replicator for replication. Currently most replicators in the US charge .40 cents US plus $100 for the glass master for a minimum quantity of 500.
5- We will provide you with high resolution stills (300 dpi) with which you can create your own tailor made packaging .You will get with each compilation 10 high resolutions stills.
6- Get packaging to the replicator so they can package your DVDS and presto you have your very own adult DVD.
What am I allowed to do with the DVD compilation ?
You can replicate the DVD and sell ithe finshed product to anyone.
You can offer it for digital download on your website or any other movie download platform like Hot Movies.
What am I not allowed to do ?
You cannot sell the DVD to any parties who are going to replicate this dvd for distribution purposes ie the right to replicate we give you is non-transferable.
You cannot take the individual scenes contained in the DVD and sell them to end users via web, dvd or mobile media channels. If you want to do thist then you have to inform us and pay the additional $25.00 USD per scene you want to
You can only show the 2257 info to a government authorities.
You cannot use the scenes in this DVD to create another dvd with a new title.
How would I recieve my order ?
Your DVD master is shipped to you via Fedex .
How can I pay for orders greater thnan $500 USD since on your website the limit is $500 USD.
For orders greater than $500 please contact us and we will provide our banking information for a wire tranfer.
What are the benefits of making a DVD?
There are many benefits;
1-You can make money buy selling your clients a tangible product with your company name on it
2- You can offer your clients a digital download of the DVD and a physical copy mailed to them whiich creates a value for your customer and keeps the credit card companies happy.
3- You can offer a free DVD with your company name on it when customers become members, which also gives them more of an incentive to join.
4- You can sell your DVD to adult stores or distributors creating a new revenue stream.
5-It is more profitable than buying a licence to a movie for digital download only, which has been sold many times over on the market in DVD format. Besides you are promoting a company which is not yours.
If I buy a lot do you give me a discount ?
Yes we are open to negotiation. Please call us 1-800-267-6472